Collection: Nodule Bundles

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Offering a selection of ammonite nodules with guaranteed ammonites to split open yourself at home! Whether you are too far from a beach to be able to collect your own fossils or if you just want a fossil fix, these ammonite nodules are sure to keep you entertained with just a few taps of a hammer. The nodules advertised are un-split and are sent 'as found' straight from the beach. The nodules we send are those most likely to split open but since these are natural products we cannot guarantee that all nodules will open perfectly. Nodules can be split with a hammer or can be prepared using a Dremel. We advise you to wear safety glasses when opening the nodules because sharp projectiles may break from the nodule when hitting it. 

The tools you will need:

*Hammer (preferably 600g-2000g)

*Chisel (optional as is preference)

*Dremel (optional for preparation)

*Safety Glasses