Collection: All Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs are rare fossil bearing limestone nodules with a naturally occurring iron pyrite shell, commonly known as “fools gold”. Few nodules contain the Eleganticeras elegantulum ammonites we expect to see and even fewer are good enough to reach the final polishing process. The polishing stage takes many hours but eventually we are left with this luxurious golden shine.

As these specimens are so hard to come by we have also taken the time to prepare some IMPLANT specimens where we have taken a Yorkshire or Madagascan ammonite or bone and set it into one of the empty Golden Egg nodules. Each specimen will be labelled with either (GENUINE) or (IMPLANT) so you know whether you are looking at a natural ammonite in the rock or one we have set into the stone. Both take an equal amount of time to prepare and are amazing display and conversations pieces. Each specimen will come with an information sheet and a polishing cloth to keep your fossil in great condition.