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Harpoceras ammonite triple fossil - Whitby, North Yorkshire

Harpoceras ammonite triple fossil - Whitby, North Yorkshire

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Ammonite fossil from Whitby, North Yorkshire

Compressed (flattened) discus shaped ammonite with strong sharp keel on the top.  Strong and distinctive falcate (wavy) ribs, spiral groove (indentation on the side of the whorls), and undercut umbilical wall (bottom edge of the whorl).  Can reach large size (over 6 inches), although 4 inches or less more common.


Age (lithology):  Upper Lias; Toarcian; Falciferum zone; Falciferum subzone.

Largest ammonite size: 7.2cm 

Distribution: Port Mulgrave, Runswick, Kettleness, Sandsend, Hawsker.


Occurrence:  Relatively common

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All of our available specimens are collected and sourced by ourselves or local trusted collectors and we can guarantee the fossil you will receive is 100% genuine. You will be made aware of fossils with any restoration in the description of the fossil.